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Carers Rights Day Events

Carers Rights Day Events

Carers Network welcomed 64 carers from across Hammersmith and Fulham and Westminster to our twin Carers Rights Day events on 28 November. ‘Know your rights’ was the theme of this year’s national day and carers had chance to talk to experts at stalls ranging from DWP to local community support projects. A series of shortmore

The Expert Patient Service – 6 Week Course

The Expert Patient Service – 6 Week Course

One half day session for six weeks taught by people with long-term conditions Includes relaxation, managing pain, and better communication with health care professionals. Venue: Penfold Community Trust, 60 Penfold St, London, NW8 8PJ Start date: Tues 27 Jan 2015, 11.30am – 1.30pm To book yourself you must contact Davendra, on 020 8749 801 ormore

Carer’s Consultation – The Transitions Project

Carer’s Consultation – The Transitions Project The subject of transitions often comes up when eating disorders are present in a family. In fact eating disorders are most prevalent around times of transition and it is no coincidence that eating disorders often appear around puberty, changing schools, going to university, starting work and changing relationships. Oncemore

London based charity providing support, information, breaks and grants for unpaid carers.
Our vision is of a city where the role of all unpaid carers is recognised, supported and valued.
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